DNA Parentage testing no longer needs to be a daunting task. We guarantee confidentiality, speed and accuracy.0ur 16STR genetic tewting is simple, accurate and affordable peace of mind is now available in tour country. The 16 genetic markers we analyze include same 13 markers used by the FBI and other law enforcement agencies for human DNA identity testing. Thus our results can be corraborated with the international standard of genetic tests. Your paternity test will be processed by an accredited laboratory with strictest confidentiality, and its accuracy is guaranteed.

Our tests are 99.9% accurate. 

Types of paternity include:

Social / legal paternity

We offer DNA testing for paternity purposes for social reasons. This is when people want to confirm the lineage without recourse to the judiciary.We can determine the family lineage by STR (short tandem repeat) analysis. Our tests are 99.9% accurate.

Legal paternity testing

When clients want DNA proof for child support, child custody, birth certificates, or other legal purposes. If the defense attorney and/or prosecuting attorney wishes, the tests can be performed in their presence. Paternity cases need not take more than an hour at court of law. We can provide evidence that will solve the case which is totally different from the conventional semi guess hematological approach of blood group or genotype categorisation method, DNA does not lie.


Prove paternity before the child is born. A large number of our clients choose this option, because they cannot wait to know especially when there is an iota of doubt of infidelity of a spouse. Prenatal testing involves a 1% risk of abortion, but it is also extremely accurate with a tenth of a drop of amniotic fluid, we can determine a child’s sex, paternity and disease condition. We can test sickle cell and other genetic diseases.


When your family needs a DNA test for immigration, DNALABS will help get it done fast. We understand how important it is to bring a family together. Your DNA test is our top priority.

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